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51 Beautifully Fearless Affirmations To Reduce Your Anxiety

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2020

Stress is a natural part of life, and our response to it is an amazing survival advantage. Stress induces a fight-or-flight reaction in us. It compels us to act in a big way to overcome danger.

The problem in our modern world is; stress becomes chronic. When worrying about money, our goals, our families all day, we can feel trapped, and with time anxiety sets in. 

This can look like panic, overthinking and fear, but it can also be far subtler. Grinding teeth, headaches, back or muscle pain, and insomnia can all be signs that we're taking stress or trauma and repressing it. Storing it away in our bodies. 

I believe stress can be so destructive to our lives that should be targeted from all angles. 

As a world-class expert in Somatic Movement, that is always my first strategy.

I even have an entire course sharing exactly how to use movement to unlock and release stress and trauma that you've unknowingly locked in your body. 

But for many people, anxiety is so crippling to their lives that they're ready to try everything at once. 

With that in mind, I find daily affirmations (usually alongside journaling) can be a powerful tool to calm and relieve stress and anxious worries.

Ways To Use Affirmations.

Here are a selection of ways to fit formations into your life. Try them all and see which ones you enjoy and benefit the most from. 

  • Repeat them out loud – If you're struggling for privacy; try doing this in the shower. If you want to increase the effectiveness; get in front of a mirror and look yourself deep in the eyes as you do. 
  • Chant them in meditation – After yoga, exercise, or in a simple meditation try whispering the affirmation to yourself repeatedly. Concentrate on the words, and over time they will start to become a part of your normal thoughts.
  • Write them down – EVERYWHERE. Put them in your journal, on post-its, make posters, or use a marker to put it on your bathroom mirror. This works well with the first option to remind you to say it out loud every time you look in the mirror. 
  • Use an app – Get an app that sends you reminders with your affirmations. Every time you get a reminder, repeat the affirmation out loud (or whisper it). A good app for Android is My Affirmations.

Here are 51 awesome affirmations to cultivate fearlessness against your anxiety. 

  1. Today, I will not stress things I cannot control.

  2. Fear is only a feeling; it can’t hold me back.

  3. Mistakes are simply lessons to be learned and I know I am doing my best.

  4. I have the power to stop this. I can say “stop.”

  5. My anxiety does not control me.

  6. I can take things one step at a time.

  7. This is temporary.

  8. I am not alone in my struggles.

  9. I am separate from the voice of anxiety and stress.

  10. My challenges will bring me amazing opportunities.

  11. With each long exhalation, I invite peace and calm.

  12. I forgive myself for having a bad day.

  13. I accept myself for who I am.

  14. I will focus on what makes me happy.

  15. I am confident in myself and my abilities.

  16. I am more than my anxiety.

  17. I am not in any real danger.

  18. My past has no control over the fabulous future I create today.

  19. I have the power to accomplish anything I need today.

  20. Today, I will not stress over things that I can’t control.

  21. Today, I will focus on progress, not perfection.

  22. I only exist right now.

  23. I have nothing to worry about.

  24. I know what I am doing.

  25. I have the ability to solve every problem I face.

  26. Everything I need comes into my life at the right time.

  27. I am strong and I can get through this.

  28. I choose to not take it personally.

  29. Rather than be afraid of what could go wrong, I am excited about what can go right.

  30. I believe in my potential and not my past experiences.

  31. What’s not good for me won’t work out for me.

  32. Whatever I do today is enough and so am I.

  33. It is easy for me to make healthy decisions.

  34. I’m taking positive steps to reduce my anxiety.

  35. I release any doubts and fears.

  36. I grow stronger each time I overcome anxiety.

  37. When anxiety visits me, I can use my breath to release it.

  38. I believe in myself.

  39. I will breathe and I will think of solutions.

  40. There’s a solution for all my problems.

  41. I am fierce, unafraid, and bold. 

  42. I release outdated beliefs, emotions, and thought patterns.

  43. I am decisive in my actions, and I achieve success!

  44. I am in control.

  45. All I need is within me.

  46. I’m open and receptive to positive change.

  47. I make mistakes. It proves that I’m still human.

  48. I am incredibly grateful for all my success.

  49. I make good choices.

  50. I have faith that everything will work out.

  51. I forgive myself for feeling anxious.

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