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No Longer Trapped in My Own Body

patient testimonials Feb 26, 2020

I still clearly remember the day I walked down the street and – for the first time in years – felt no pain. I have Tanya to thank for that. After being very active in my 20s – rowing, cycling and running – a back injury and a subsequent illness floored me. I gained 3 stone, lost energy and felt trapped in my own body.

It got to the point where walking to the shop felt like an impossible hurdle. I saw countless (highly recommended) practitioners – osteopaths, surgeons, neurologists, physiotherapists, cranial osteopaths, Pilates – but saw little improvement and spent a fortune.

It had happened over time but it felt like all of a sudden I was suffering chronic, constant back and body pain with little hope of recovery. I truly feared that I would spend the rest if my life unable to move freely. I had never imagined this would happen to me and the feeling of helplessness was overwhelming.

A friend of my boyfriends told me about Tanya. I was convinced to contact her by the incredible physical change I had seen in him – he’d lost a lot of weight but more than that, his whole face had changed now that it was no longer twisted with pain.

Tanya’s technique was like nothing I’d experienced before. It required a leap of faith and some work on my part – but it also made perfect sense and the results are incredible but after a few sessions I knew I’d found a solution.

The path to recovery has been up and down, I haven’t done my exercises as much as I should, life has gotten in the way and occasionally I’ve had new aches and pains to address. But I have recovered.

I can now do all the things I felt were an impossible dream – I cycle 26 miles to and from work, I can keep up with my boyfriend when we run, I can swim, train in the gym, drive the car without pain, camp, sleep over at peoples’ houses, sit in the cinema for a whole film… And walk to the shop! And it feels lasting.

I haven’t dared to row on the water yet but I have in the gym and I know it’s only a matter of time. And I know this time I’ll be even stronger than I was before because my posture is stronger than ever and my body awareness is better than it has been in decades. Oh, and I’ve lost almost 2 stone – so far!

But perhaps even more importantly, I am now in control of my pain. The most incredible part of what Tanya does is she teaches you to fix yourself!! I feel like I’ve been handed the key to a body secret that everyone should have.

It’s been a godsend and a privilege working with Tanya and I plan to continue doing so until my posture is as good as hers (which will take a very long time)!

-Sarah Thorton

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