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What is Align Somatics?

news Feb 25, 2020

Who has a back or problemor stiff neck and shoulders? 

Yes, I thought so, me too, an ongoing ache, a dull pain and sometimes more constant when I’ve twisted the wrong way or exercised too hard. But most of us have neck and back pain because we sit at a computer or are hunched up and bending to look at a smartphone all day.

Hardly any of us find a cure from going to see a specialist, and if we do it tends to be temporary as old habits kick in and we find ourselves going through the same motions that got us there in the first place. What Align Somatics does is not only treat your problem but send you home with exercises that will eventually help to alleviate the problem altogether. Saving you many costly appointments and the frustration of knowing that your sessions with your chiropractor are ineffective 2 days after you feel slight relief of pain.

 What is Align Somatics?

Somatic Movement Education is teaching your mind to train your body to behave differently. Your mind can hold on to negative habits: like contracting the muscles around a weak or injured spot and sitting badly at our desks. Even with good intentions you often don’t even realise you are slipping into habits that are doing you long term damage.

“If the muscles don’t get a message from the brain to relax, they forget how to release. This affects how we move, stand, sit and lie. When muscles forget how to relax, they become chronically contracted, painful and sore. They also lose their flexibility and elasticity. This results in poor posture, stiffness, back pain.

Our techniques lead you through a sequence of simple movements to help focus your brain on areas of pain and unconscious tension. Once your brain becomes aware of where your body is tight and contracted, we coach you to release your muscles through specific guided movement. The scientific term for this is Neuromuscular Reprogramming. Neuro refers to nerves and muscular refers to muscles.”

 Source: Beauty and the Dirt

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What is Align Somatics?

Who has a back or problem, or stiff neck and shoulders?  Yes, I thought so, me too, an ongoing ache, a dull pain and sometimes more constant when I’ve...

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