Every Body Is Unique

We understand everybody has a unique way of moving. It is why we provide movement education designed for every body.

Every Body
Is Unique

We understand everybody has a unique way of moving. It is why we provide movement education designed for every body.


Somatics: Movement Therapy

At Align Somatics, we believe in the importance of Preventative Healthcare, and most of all, we want people to live a Pain Free life. This is why we have created training models that provide you with an education in how to view the root causes of compensation in posture and movement, how to somatically coach to empower you and your students in a unique way.

The focus of Somatic movement is in re-training your body to move naturally and uncover it’s potential. If any movement results in pain, discomfort or lacks in ease, this is what requires re-patterning. This presents you with a golden opportunity to help your student re-connect lost movements, in a way that their brains can re-learn and adopt them back into daily movement patterns. This is sensory motor re-education

So get yourself immersed in a Life Changing training, that will allow you, as a teacher or professional, to do things in a different way and take your Business or Practice to the next level! Are you ready?


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Fundamentals of Somatic Movement Education – Online

Now available

Our online comprehensive introduction to the Principals, Techniques and Theory of Somatic Movement Education. Discover how the brain creates habits and produces compensatory patterns of tension in the body. 


Somatic Training and 200-Hour Certified Teacher Program that will Boost your Skills and Differentiate your Business


Fundamentals of Somatic
Movement Education

1 Day Training 

Learn the basics about Somatics and experience a new way of moving



Align Somatics
Teacher Training L1

4 Days Training 

Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to start teaching Somatic Movement



Align Somatics Teacher Training L2

4 Days Training 

Elevate your credibility as a teacher and expand your business



Align Somatics Teacher Training L3

4 Days Training 

Develop your internal x-ray vision to assess posture and mobility and take your business to a whole new level.


Upcoming Workshops and Events

Align Somatics Teacher Training L1 Webinar

Want to give your students something different to help them release tension?


Align Somatics Teacher Training L3 Webinar

Want to work with 1:1 clients?


Align Somatics Teacher Training L2 Webinar

Want to provide your students with new classes offering stuck stress solutions?



Tanya is providing 1:1 online sessions. Drop us a line if you would like to have a session with her.


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Tanya Fitzpatrick

Align Somatics Founder

Tanya Fitzpatrick is a certified Somatic Movement Educator, an advanced Yoga Teacher Trainer, and a Body-Mind Centering Professional that has been teaching movement for more than 20 years, is regarded as one of the UK’s leading Movement Educators. She has trained thousands of individuals and groups how to move without pain in ways they never thought possible. She is a Specialised Educator in

  • Neuro-Muscular Therapy
  • Embodied Anatomy
  • Muscular-Skeletal Conditions
  • Biomechanics
  • Functional Movement and Re-Patterning
  • Yoga Teacher Trainer


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Student Testimonials

This soma journey is another fundamental step in my development, but one I feel will help to fill in the gaps, learning how, when we reconnect to the body as a whole, it opens up so many possibilities of better functioning. Yet this is the bit we all find so hard! Not everyone wants to feel and many choose to live with this disconnect, but in freeing oneself in this attentive and nurturing way is transformative.

Nicola Walter

Yoga Teacher

Nicola Walter

Yoga Teacher

Patient Testimonials

Before the training, I was stuck in SMA (sensory motor amnesia) in standing and walking. After the training, I had clearer understanding of where I was stuck and why. I felt much better physically and had confidence in being able to improve.  Because of my increased confidence in my practice, my confidence in teaching has doubled. I find it much easier to see where others are stuck, and know I can help people more.

Claudine Martin

Yoga Teacher

Claudine Martin

Yoga Teacher

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