My mission is to provide movement education designed for you so that you can move better and therefore feel better.

About Tanya Fitzpatrick

I have suffered from muscular tension for 23 years. My problems started when I lost my mum to cancer at the age of 13. My stress response to her death kicked off a nasty habit of grinding my teeth.


Fast forward 23 years. I'd broken 5 mouth guards, worn down all my back teeth and suffered from constant shoulder and neck tension. I spent many hours and thousands of pounds on various types of treatments and practiced a lot of yoga. But none of these methods solved my problem, until I discovered Somatic Movement. This was the missing link in understanding why and learning how to dissolve my tension. 

The simple fact to why this method is so effective is down to one reason, Somatic Movement addresses the tension habits you’ve adapted throughout your life time in response to all the stress and injuries you’ve sustained. 

It is only you who can undo your habits. You have the answer, all you need is the skills and this is why I created Align Somatics so you can find a lasting solution to your tension.

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What Align Somatics offers?


Movement education helps you understand your body better. Learn how to bring your body back to alignment, by dissolving persistent muscular tension and you’ll  finally be able to move the way you want to move.

Align Somatics provides you full flexibility to learn in the following ways; Private sessions, Online training, Classes, Workshops and Professional somatic movement training.

How it works?


This mind-body training gets to the root cause of muscular pain, which is your brain and how it controls your movement.  Through understanding where the cause of your pain is coming from and learning how to undo the effect of muscular tension, you’ll end your cycle of pain.

Why is it special?


You are unique, therefore you’re the one that can change your brain-to-body’s reaction towards stress and injury. Understand how your habits have specifically affected your posture and movement. Identify why you hold certain muscles tense all the time? Finally, be given the opportunity to retrain your brain-to-muscle communication and re-educate your body to move with ease once again.

Who it's for?


People who are in pain, suffering from persistent tension and dealing with muscular imbalances. No matter what your weight or fitness level is, somatic movements are suitable for everybody because of their simple and slow nature.

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