Private Consultations 

1:1 Private Sessions

Learn how to fix yourself

Your first consultation helps you get to the root cause of your pain or muscular imbalances.  Assessing how you currently move to understand what you can and can’t do. 

Then you learn simple movements that target your muscular tension, improve your posture and start to end the problems that are causing your pain. 

We work as a team, only moving forwards when you are ready to integrate new movement patterns that enable you to move the way you want to move.  

As this is an educational progressive process and not a quick fix, I ask you to commit to a minimum of 3 to for full recovery I recommend 6 sessions.



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Consultation Details

 What to expect?

During this 90 minute session, we will take a detailed analysis of the following:

  • Discussion of your medical and movement history
  • A detailed assessment of your posture
  • A movement assessment to identify your problem areas
  • A movement class to undo the source of your muscle tension
  • Creation of a tailored package of home-based exercises (10 minutes daily) 

Follow up sessions

How to? 

Each 60-minute session you’ll learn progressive yet simple movements that teach you how to regain your ability to relax your muscles at will and improve your overall movement. Expect to move in ways that you have not felt for some time!

Pricing Details

Package 1: 3 sessions

  • A 90 minute consultation;  £100
  • Follow up session individually cost £85
  • Total: £285
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Package 2; 6 sessions

(Recommended for long term problems)

  • A pack of 6 sessions cost £490 (incl consultation)
  • An initial consultation is 90 minutes cost £100
  • Follow up 5 sessions are 60 minutes and individually cost £78
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1:1 Online Sessions

A simple solution to solving your pain. Online learning is made for somatics as it only requires me to be able to see and hear you clearly. This non-touch method of movement education has the same benefits of a private consultation and follows the same format.

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Work with Tanya

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NEVER have I run like this Tanya! 

Tanya, I haven't run for 18 months and this week I have run twice. These were no ordinary runs, these were joyful glad to be alive runs. NEVER have I run like this!

I got home grinning ear to ear. Ahhh the joy! THANK YOU!

Karen Wilson; Swimming Coach. London.

Somatics is life changing. I recomend it highly - it is truly amazing! 

I feel so blessed that I discovered somatics. Since my sessions with Tanya, I have been completely pain free. After four sessions , my back was no longer my problem - instead it became like a long lost friend

Teresa Hynes, Co Kildare. Nurse