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A Pain Free Life

patient testimonials Feb 25, 2020

Tanya’s training gives her the ability to understand the underlying related movement and re-educate the person so that they can develop a more appropriate strategy for this movement. 

It does not need to sport specific.  Everything she teaches will improve one’s physical well-being.  It really is not necessary to live in pain but unfortunately there are very few teachers of Tanya’s ability that can analyze and cue clients successfully.  Working with someone who has the ability to communicate what you are doing wrong and how to improve it is a terrific experience. 

Somatics is the school of thought that Tanya teaches; however on the client side it is simply called common sense.  Now that I am pain-free I continue to go to Tanya’s classes as they will improve both my well-being and my cycling performance.

Pain and performance are directly related and once you unlock why you are on the back-foot you will go straight onto the front-foot.  Tanya’s classes are relevant to everyone but as an athlete, I can’t recommend her highly enough to other ambitious athletes as they can only improve their form once they wake up to the amount of simple movements that challenge them.  While I love to race I ultimately love to cycle. 

I am now making plans to travel mostly self-sufficient around the world by bike.  Whether it is racing or touring, neither would be possible without Tanya’s help. 

I spent four years trying to unravel the mystery but Tanya unlocked it all in the space of a couple of months.  I am very grateful to Tanya for effectively ‘making my dreams come true’ and can’t recommend her highly enough. 

Mark Gill Financial Consultant

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