Fundamentals of Somatic Movement

Move Beyond Your

This course is your starting point towards a new way to move and teach movement. 

Following 10 years of teaching somatic movement and listening to feedback have gone into developing this powerful online course to open your mind to the potential of a whole new way to consciously move.  

Want to be part of a new paradigm of movement?

This course teaches you how to recognise the impact your life's experiences have manifested in your posture and how this has lead to your limiting movement habits. Then you will learn how to retain and restore lost mobility and reawakening your movement potential by connecting your body to your brain.

Start the journey towards taking your teaching to the next level.

If you are someone that has relied on others to fix you then the great news is that 

If you can feel it, you can heal it.

Your journey to addressing long-term muscular tension and movement limitations  begins with YOU!

Whether you’re a teacher or student of movement you owe it to yourself.


The Fundamentals of Somatic Movement Education begins that journey for you.

Available to you, for lifetime access, enabling you to  Move Beyond Your Limitations. The key to this course is it teaches you how to reawaken your brain to body control.

Understand, you have the power to solve your movement limitations, regardless of your age or history. That is at the heart of what teach at Align Somatics through a simple application of  Think, Feel, Move.

Your posture and movement is a direct result of the habits you’ve developed over the course of your life. Think, injuries, accidents, surgeries or postural habits.

Your brain has adopted these patterns and labelled them as normal movement, whether or not this produces tension. This is exactly what you’ll learn on this training.

Uncover how to apply the principal of Think, Feel, Move to recognise and dissolve movement patterns that are keeping you in pain. 

Learn how recognise your emotional stress responses. Identify where emotions get stuck in your body and create your tension.

Learn how to release your persistent muscular tension, restore your alignment and improve your overall movement through simple and relaxing movements.

Empower yourself and take back control of how you want to feel and move.  

Your body will thank you.

Educate Embody Empower

What's Included in the Course?

  • 4 modules and 23 lessons with high quality, professionally produced videos 
  • Client interviews sharing how muscular tension has created their unique sensory motor amnesia conditions. 
  • Three example client clinics demonstrating somatic movement techniques being practised for specific muscle disorders. 
  • Learn a unique movement technique designed to relax and length tight muscles and improve your brain to muscle control. 
  • A demonstration of eight somatic movements that target muscular tension affecting the most common areas of the body. 

As a BonusThe course is also being offered with the 

Fundamental Work Book, that supports the course worth over £30!

How the Course Helps You? 

Here are some of the key benefits you'll get by taking the course and applying what you learn.

Understand your body and how it’s currently functioning. Discover the story your postural alignment has to tell. 

Recognise where stress most affects your body and how to release it. 

Learn the process to release your persistent muscular tension, restore your alignment and improve your overall movement. 

Empower yourself and take back control of how you want to feel.

Your somatic journey starts here

(Note: This course is a prerequisite to joining the Align Somatics Teacher Training.)

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What you get?

  • Lifetime access.
  •  100% no risk with our 14-day no quibble refund policy.
  • Free updates.

  • The Fundamentals Work Book.

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Have Questions About the Course?

What does lifetime access mean?

This means there is no time limit for you to complete the course within so you have access to it for as long as it remains a current course offering in our portfolio.


How can I get support during the course or after? 

 You will be able to leave comments and questions for Tanya inside the course for her to answer. After you have completed the course you can contact Tanya via email if you need further questions answered.


Is it really possible to learn about this type of subject online? 

Absolutely! You'll find that each of the videos provide a very clear explanation of each topic allowing you to both understand the underpinning principles but also apply what you learn in practice too.


What if I don't complete the course in one session? 

No problem you can revisit the course as many times as you like in your own pace.


How long does the course take to complete? 

You should allow 4 hours to complete it. 

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