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Embodiment: How Do You Want To Feel & Teach In 2022 


Jan 22nd Level 1: Release unconscious physical and mental tension with specific somatic movements. How to help your students work somatically for specific outcomes in your current classes eg. somatics for backbends; somatics for forward bends.

Feb 5th Level 2: The Relevance of Somatics During a Pandemic. How to balance your energy using key somatic sequences. Niche your offering and attract more students. 

Mar 5th Level 3: Deepening Your Somatics Skills. Self caring for your needs. Balancing your energy when working with private clients. Honing your assessment skills of the foot and its relationship to the pelvis. 

Each workshop is 2 parts. A 90 mins class for you and a 90 min workshop for your teaching skills and methodology.  

Time: 9-12pm UK: 5-8pm Bali. L3 9-10.30am

Price: £30 for L1 & 2. L3 £20 workshop. Please note which workshop you are booking on the form.

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