Reduce your stress with Somatic Movement Classes

Is your stress getting too much? Do you suffer from back pain that won’t go away no matter what you do? Neck and shoulders tension from working at the computer all day? 

If your answer is yes, this series is for you

Somatic Movement classes teach you how to eliminate muscle pain that accumulates from stress and tension. Somatic movement can be practiced at any age or activity level.

What these classes will do for you? 

  • Release muscular tension from the back, neck, shoulders, hips and legs
  • Learn to regain control of habitually tight muscles
  • Rehabilitate from old injuries
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve posture and appearance 

Live Somatic Movement Online Classes 

Wednesday 7th October 9-10 am (London) 4-5pm Bali  


This 8-week series you'll learn how work with somatics movements to release emotional stress that is getting stuck and creating tension.

We'll This shine a light on each part of your body to gain more understanding of the effects of sustained stressed and how to effectively undo its effect.

Each class is recorded and if you’ve missed a class This you can still do the class in via the recording. 

The class series is £100

Platform; zoom


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Class Topics Stuck Stress Solutions (series 2)

 1. Releasing the Pelvis & Lumbar.

Focusing on the deep releases for the psoas to support your emotional wellbeing through deepening your breath. 

 2. Releasing the Back Muscles.

Targeting overall back tension and undo from the idea of having to hold it all together.

 3. Releasing the Front Muscles

Relaxing your belly and let go of unconscious stress responses. 

 4. Releasing the Hips

Sitting too much getting you down, restore happiness to your hips.

 5. Releasing the Shoulders.

When the weight of the world gets too much, try this class. 

 6. Releasing the Neck

Knots from too much computer work, this class will knead them out. 

 7. Releasing Knee and Foot Pain

 Enjoy a deeper connection with the ground and when you put these techniques into action. 

 8. Improve Your Walking 

Walking with wellness, integrate the techniques you’ve learnt.

Previous online classes.

  1. Identify how stress alters your breathing & distorts syour posture. Learn how to resolve the effects.
  2. Discover how & where stress gets stored in your body. 
  3. Release neck and shoulder tension.
  4. Relieve and relax tense back muscles.
  5. Melt hip tension. 
  6. Improve mobility in your ribcages to breath easier.
  7. Neck & shoulder release P2.
  8. Enhance your core connections & curb back pain.
  9. Psoas release.
  10. Wake ups your gluteus muscles.  
  11. Your feet & their relationship to hip pain.
  12. Expand your ribcage to relax your mid back.
  13. Balance your head posture and reduce your neck pain.
  14. Series summery. 


Each class can be purchased separately for £10.

Or you can own the complete bundle of 14 classes and is available for £120. 

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It can be life-changing! 

The Stuck Stress Series has helped me to breathe more deeply, released and gave more freedom to my movement in my upper back, collar bone area, neck, ribs and pelvis. I have more energy, feel more alive and even more vibrant and smiley. I seriously cannot recommend this work enough. 

Susan Roberts; Therapist  

This is like magic!! 

I had an amazing release on the right side of my low back. Wonderful and unexpected!! It's like you don't know you can't see properly until the optician puts lenses in front of your eyes. You don't realise anything is stuck until you experience the release!! 

Denyse Weiser, Pilates Teacher