Take your business to a new level


Take your business to a new level

Align Somatics Teacher Training Level 3

ASTT3 is the advanced and final module of the Professional 200-Hour Teacher Training Certification. This level is designed to educate you to work with private clients. To hone your somatic knowledge to develop trusting relationships and provide self-care solutions that will empower every one of your clients.

To give you the skills required to assess your clients’ individual movements and design unique programmes specific to their needs. To help you analyse the effectiveness of your programme design to enable your clients to reach their movement potential.

This training is the final stepping stone to becoming an Align Somatics Certified Teacher. Students that successfully complete all three training modules, all coursework, and pass all written and practical exams will receive our “Teacher Training Certification.”



April 22nd-25th 2021


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£1,200  £597

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Course Details

  • Explore new variations of movements from ASTT1 that target common muscular issues occurring in the upper and lower back, neck and shoulders, hips and legs.
  • Embody new movements to further enhance your somatic repertoire.
  • Understand how on-going stress become habituated, how to identify in posture and work with the right somatic movements to undo the effects.
  • Learn a full breathwork module designed to dismantle habituated patterns influencing the fight, flight and freeze responses.
  • Uncover how to effectively release the diaphragm to reduce ongoing stress and anxiety.
  • Embrace new teaching skills to differentiate somatics from other movement modalities for effective cueing, demonstrating and developing individual teaching styles.
  • Learn how to create effective sequencing for pure somatic movement classes, structure somatic courses, and how to design, market and effectively sell out your somatic classes and workshops.


Course benefits to you and your clients


  • Set yourself apart through becoming a certified Align Somatics Teacher.
  • Feel confident, connected and changed for the better.
  • Differentiate and set your business aside.
  • Empower your clients to reach their movement potential.
Who this is for
What to wear
What to bring
Movement teachers, (yoga, pilates, fitness trainers, physical therapists, dancers) professional bodyworkers and medical professionals. Clothes you feel comfortable with that allows you to move freely. Layers, especially if you feel the cold.
FSME & ASTT Level 1 £597 | Early bird special £550 available until March 22nd 2021. An instalment payment scheme is also available for 3 payments of £220. Click here for the payment plan. Level 3 can be taken as a stand-alone training but full certification will only be awarded upon completion of all levels and course requirements for each level.
Cancellation Policy
A full refund minus £50 admin fee is given if cancelling up to one month before the training start. One month before the starting date is non-refundable.
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Student Testimonials

Before the training, I was stuck in SMA (sensory motor amnesia) in standing and walking. After the training, I had clearer understanding of where I was stuck and why. I felt much better physically and had confidence in being able to improve. Because of my increased confidence in my practice, my confidence in teaching has doubled. I find it much easier to see where others are stuck, and know I can help people more.

Claudine Martin

Yoga Teacher

Claudine Martin

Yoga Teacher
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