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200 Hour Teacher Training


ASTT is the Align Somatics Professional 200-Hour Teacher Training Certification. The prerequisite for this training is Fundamentals (FSME).

Becoming a somatic teacher empowers you to teach in a truly unique way, one that honours everybody’s uniqueness. Understanding how to teach from this point is a very rare quality. 

Soma means the Body. Somatic movement is how you learn to truly connect with your body and then teach others to do the same. 

This transformation training will help you develop your internal x-ray vision, guiding you to new depths of embodiment and translating this to your teaching.


In Align Somatics 200-hour Teacher Training, you will:

  • Learn how to incorporate somatic movement into your current classes
  • Grow your confidence as a teacher by learning how to help students suffering from common muscular issues and postural problems 
  • Discover how to properly prepare your students to move safely in more difficult postures and complex movement patterns
  • Develop your teaching skills to start creating pure somatic movement classes and workshops
  • Learn the art of confidently working somatically with private clients
  • Grow your business and learn how to stand out from the crowd by offering somatic movement


The 200-Hour Teacher Training Program is based on my 21 years of teaching experience and understanding the needs of thousands of past students to become effective somatic teachers. 

It will revolutionise the way you teach, getting you more clients and greater client retention.

2024 Dates

Level 1 2024 TBA    

Level 2 2024 TBA

Level 3 2024 TBA      


9 months to complete the full training

Training Title

200hr ASTT




Full price; £1997

Early-bird; £1700. Available until 28th January 2022


Our classes are back in 2024. 
Contact us today for more info and secure your spot! 

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Course Details

By the end of this 200-hour teacher training you’ll have…….

  • Advanced your knowledge of your body and how it moves 
  • Learned how to seamlessly incorporate somatic movement into your current classes or therapy sessions
  • Deepened your knowledge of how stress affects posture, creates specific muscular imbalances and directly affects ease of breath
  • Learned how to create specialised somatic classes targeting muscular tension in the neck and shoulders, back, hips and legs
  • Learned somatic breathwork to dismantle the effects of stress influencing the fight, flight and freeze response
  • Developed the knowledge to work with private clients, assessing their individual needs and develop effective somatic programs to dissolve their movement problems

Course Curriculum  


  • Somatic movements to corrent postural imbalances and common muscular conditions
  • Teaching principals, techniques and methodology of Somatic movement  
  • Somatic Breathwork 
  • Embodied Anatomy, neurophysiology and functional movement
  • Postural and joint mobility assessment
  • Teaching assessment and facilitation
  • Philosophy, history and ethics  
  • Marketing and professional development
What's Included
Who is this for
What to expect
30 hours of classes split into sequenced blocks, training manuals for each level, 1:1 feedback and continued support Movement teachers, (yoga, pilates, fitness trainers, physical therapists) professional bodyworkers and medical professionals. Classes are both live and recorded. You have lifetime access to this training for your continued  reference post-training
FSME Online Training. This short 3 hour course covers the foundations of somatic movement. The total price of the Teacher Training is £1997. Early bird price till January 12th 2022 is £1,700! The price of the individual levels is £665. Installment payments are also available, further info email; [email protected]  All levles can be taken as a stand-alone training but the full 200 hour certification will only be awarded upon successful completion of all levels and passing assignments for each level.
Cancelation Policy
A full refund minus £50 admin fee is given if cancelling up to one month before the training start. One month before the starting date is non-refundable.
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Student Testimonials

So many therapies and practices offer hope but many have underwhelmed in their short-term and long-term effectiveness. Somatics if executed properly not only gives a way of controlling and managing your wellness long term but offers instantaneous relief and freedom of movement. Tanya’s knowledge and skill are extraordinary. It was an honour to be taught by her.

Arlene Mulvaney

Yoga Teacher

Arlene Mulvaney

Yoga Teacher

Tanya’s quality of teaching is of an exceptionally high standard, and her “workshopping” method allows her students to gain valuable experience at teaching precisely and accurately, while learning to deal with movement problems along the way. ASTT is one of the best trainings I have ever attended.

Sue Betts

Movement Trainer

Sue Betts

Movement Trainer
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