Stuck Stress Solutions For Your Movement


Is The Exercise Your Doing Right For Your Body?

Your body and the way it moves is completely unique. 

Is your exercise serving this or do you serve it?

Research has shown that while working out when feeling stressed actually causes higher levels of inflammation in your


Right now it's vital to reduce inflammation so how can your exercise routine be to better for your body? 

What are you doing for your body to release the physical impact of stress?

To get clear on what is right for your body, you need to 


THINK: To understand how stress is impacting your body?

FEEL: How this shows up in your body.

MOVE: In a way that is right for your body.

This class teaches you how to move stress out of your body. 

You'll learn simple movements to relax muscle tension from your back.

Get to grips on how to dissolve neck and shoulder pain.

Understand how to release tight hips.

Take back control and empower yourself with the skills to reduce anxiety and learn #stuckstresssolutions



This is the third class in a series of 3. Each class can be bought separately for £12.50.

The first class is all about your breath and how to recognise where stress is getting stuck. 

The second class you'll learn how to identify how stress is distorting your posture and creating imbalances. 

You can learn all of this for only £30! 

Stuck Stress Solutions


Stuck Stress Solutions for Your Breath


Stuck Stress Solutions for Your Posture


What People Have To Say About Stuck Stress Solutions

This helped me so much. I didn't realise how much tension I was holding onto in my body. It's powerful stuff!

Conner Wilson


Conner Wilson


 If I didn’t do movements I would be old before my time. If only I had known about somatics 30 years ago. I’m very grateful for Somatic Movements.

About Tanya Fitzpatrick

Tanya Fitzpatrick is an international somatic educator, neuro muscular therapist and yoga teacher specializing in the training of somatic movement, somatic yoga and embodied anatomy.

Her core value is to honor the fact that every body is unique and to educate each-body to reach their movement potential. Over 20 years of movement education and clinical practice, Tanya has taught thousands of clients and students how to recognise and delete habits responsible for their postural and movement imbalances.


How the Course Helps You

Here are some of the key benefits you'll get by taking the course and applying what you learn

  • Become aware of how stress is continuously triggering certain muscles in your body.
  • Learn how to retrain and relax persistent muscle tension.
  • Recognise your unique response your body makes in times of stress and restore balance to quickly.
  • You will be able to increase your resilience so you can bounce back quicker from stress events.
  • Develop greater awareness over how you move, improve your alignment and overall movement.
  • Increase your brain to muscle control

Think. Feel. Move

Learn to recognise, release and restore ease in your body and mind.

  • Recognise your stress response
  • Release persistent muscular tension
  • Restore a sense of calm
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