Stuck Stress Solutions For Your Breath


Take Back Control Of Your Stress Response

Have you ever noticed when you're stressed your breath becomes laboured?

Or maybe you sigh or yawn a lot?

Or have your stomach feels griped, feels tight or knotted?

These key clues are your body's way of telling you that your breath is getting Stuck with Stress.

If you recognise these breathing patterns let me help you change for the better.

This class is all about learning how to recognise your breathing habits. Discover how you may have changed your breathing in response to the pandemic. How these changes are actually creating more anxiety.

To understand the difference between stressed and easeful breathing.

Learn simple movements that relax tense muscles involved in your breathing.

Now is the time to take back control and empower yourself with the skills to reduce anxiety and learn Stuck Stress Solutions.

Gain access to this mini course. 



How it works

This series is all about you and your unique reactions to ongoing stress. You'll learn to:

THINK: To understand how stressful events impact your breathing and create further anxiety. 

FEEL where  in your body anxiety is getting stuck and limiting easeful breathing. 

MOVE through specifically designed sequences that release tension and restore a fuller easier breath.


Learn these the skills to reduce your anxiety and thrive through these times.

This is the first class in a series of 3. Each class can be bought separately for £12.50.

The second class is all about your posture and how to recognise where stress is getting stuck. 

The third class you'll learn how to release tension from the muscles of your back, neck & shoulders, hips & legs. 

Are you ready to Destress?

Own the complete bundle and learn all of this for only £30! 

Stuck Stress Solutions


Stuck Stress Solutions for Your


Stuck Stress Solutions for Your


What People Have To Say About Stuck Stress Solutions

The Stuck Stress Series has helped me to breathe more deeply, released and gave more freedom to my movement in my upper back, collar bone area, neck, ribs and pelvis. I have more energy, feel more alive and even more vibrant and smiley. I seriously cannot recommend this work enough. It can be life changing! Thank you for the invite to the series, bless you Tanya & Align Somatics.

Susan Roberts

Movement Therapist

Susan Roberts

Movement Therapist

Thanks Tanya 🙏 A Truly fabulous class. I’ve experienced creeping stress tension pain. This practice was perfect for resetting a new body sense & understandings.

About Tanya Fitzpatrick

Tanya Fitzpatrick is an international somatic educator, neuro muscular therapist and yoga teacher specializing in the training of somatic movement, somatic yoga and embodied anatomy.

Her core value is to honor the fact that every body is unique and to educate each-body to reach their movement potential. Over 20 years of movement education and clinical practice, Tanya has taught thousands of clients and students how to recognise and delete habits responsible for their postural and movement imbalances.


How This Class Helps You

Here are some of the key benefits you'll get by taking the class and applying what you learn

  • Increased awareness of how stress is impacting your breathing and your body.
  • Learn the process to retrain and restore lost natural, easeful breathing.
  • Develop awareness of your automatic response your breath makes in times of stress and restore your breathing to its natural state.
  • Create more resilience to prolonged effects of stress.
  • This method targets to nervous system bringing balance to the fight and flight reaction.
  • Recognise where stress most affects your body and how to release it
  • Empower yourself and learn how to release persistent muscular tension and transform how your body moves

Think. Feel. Move

Learn to recognise, release and restore ease in your body, mind and breath.

  • Recognise your stress response
  • Release poor breathing habits
  • Restore a sense of calm
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