Discover How to Move Beyond Your Limitations

Reawaken your brain to body potential: An introduction to Somatic Movement Education.


More Yoga Will Fix Your Movement Problems?

Wrong. Repetition of similar movements only serves to strengthen the movement pattern, increasing muscular imbalances and creating further tension.

Teaching multiple classes a week affects your body through adapting unconscious movement patterns over the course of many years.

Without a full understanding of the interconnectedness of muscular function and movement patterning, how you are currently using your body will start to create problems.

For instance, tension develops when you favour one side of your body when demonstrating asana, not making enough time to properly warm up weight-bearing joints and  along with the habitual movement patterns created through continuous practice.

Multiplying your practice to get rid of these imbalances is not a sustainable solution. In fact, this will only reinforce these imbalances and subsequent tension likely to be created.

An additional concern shared by many yoga teachers is how to successfully address multi-level students who experience a multitude of muscular issues and postural problems. 

So, what is really going on?

In truth, your movement - and that of your students - is a result of the patterns you’ve developed over the course of your life. Think of lifestyle habits, how you practice yoga, injuries, accidents or surgeries you've experienced. Your brain has adopted these patterns and labelled them as normal movement, whether or not this produces tension.

Essentially, what’s standing between you and a more embodied way of practising and teaching yoga is a full understanding of brain to body communication.

That is exactly what we teach at Align Somatics through a simple application of Think, Feel, Move.


Consider the impact your life's experience has had on your body.


The most essential part, you have got to Feel how your experiences have impacted your body and movement. 


Learn micro-movements that will unlock macro mobility and enable you to move beyond your limitations.

Think. Feel. Move. 
Reboot your brain to body communication. Experience the power of Somatic Movement and then learn how to empower your students to move beyond their limitations.

Over 10 years of teaching Somatic Movement to thousands of students and clients, and adapting their feedback, has produced a fundamentals course that is a true game-changer in the field of movement. 

For the first time you can access this course online, for a limited offer.

We feel that the depth and amount of knowledge that will be accessible to you through this training, is best integrated at your own pace. Allowing you to process the information, embody it and move beyond your limitations.

Take your yoga teaching to the next level and transform the practice of your clients.

Gain access to the Fundamentals of Somatic Movement Education


What Other Yoga Teachers Have to Say About Somatic Movement Education

This training will offer you some fantastic skills in helping your clients to begin a true dialogue with their bodies. You will also begin or enhance your own inner dialogue - this work is life-changing stuff. Tanya Fitzpatrick is a highly skilled Somatic Educator who also really knows how to convey and share her knowledge with others - and is highly motivated to do so. I cannot recommend this training highly enough.

Georgie Ferraro

Pilates Teacher

Georgie Ferraro

Pilates Teacher

This was the most amazing course I have attended for a long time. It rekindled my interest in human anatomy and particularly alignment. Alignment is so vital for a healthy and pain free life. In addition, as a yoga teacher incorporating it into my classes brings a whole new dimension to Yoga Sutra 2.46 ‘The physical postures should be steady and comfortable’

Sabine Smith

Yoga Teacher

Sabine Smith

Yoga Teacher

About Tanya Fitzpatrick

Tanya Fitzpatrick is an international somatic educator, neuro muscular therapist and yoga teacher specializing in the training of somatic movement, somatic yoga and embodied anatomy.

Her core value is to honor the fact that every body is unique and to educate each-body to reach their movement potential. Over 20 years of movement education and clinical practice, Tanya has taught thousands of clients and students how to recognise and delete habits responsible for their postural and movement imbalances.


How the Course Helps You

Here are some of the key benefits you'll get by taking the course and applying what you learn

  • Increased mindful awareness of your body, its current function, and the story your postural alignment has to tell
  • Learn the process to retrain and restore lost muscular movement
  • How to intercept the automatic response your body makes in times of stress and restore your muscles to their natural resting length
  • You will be able to move more, with greater quality, awareness and ease so you can achieve ‘flow’ both on and off the mat
  • This model teaches a technique that is Mindful, restorative and will bring your body back to better alignment
  • Recognise where stress most affects your body and how to release it
  • Empower yourself and learn how to release persistent muscular tension and transform how your body moves
  • Improve your brain to muscle control
  • Upgrade your teaching and observational skills
  • Differentiate your movement education and help your clients move beyond their limitations

Think. Feel. Move

This course will show you how to heal yourself and move beyond your existing limitations.

  • Imagine what a life without muscle tension feels like?
  • Imagine how executing certain poses that you feel are limited for you feels like if the tension is removed?
  • Imagine how your students will feel if they too can feel significant shifts in their own wellness much quicker?

The key to unlocking the ability to move beyond your limitations is to Think.Feel.Move. 

Once this makes sense to you on your own, you will be able to embody this work so it will make sense to your clients too!


What's Included in the Course

  • 4 modules and 23 lessons with high quality, professionally produced videos
  • Client interviews sharing how muscular tension has created their unique sensory motor amnesia conditions
  • Three example client clinics demonstrating somatic movement techniques being practised for specific muscle disorders
  • Learn a unique movement technique designed to relax and length tight muscles and improve your brain to muscle control
  • A demonstration of eight somatic movements you can apply immediately with your own clients

As a Bonus

The course is also being offered with the 'The Fundamental Work Book' that supports the course worth over £30!


  • Lifetime access

  • 100% no risk with our 14 day no quibble refund policy

  • Free updates

  • The Fundamental Work Book

Have Questions About the Course?

  • What does lifetime access mean?
  • This means there is no time limit for you to complete the course within so you have access to it for as long as it remains a current course offering in our portfolio.

  • How can I get support during the course or after?
  • You will be able to leave comments and questions for Tanya inside the course for her to answer. After you have completed the course you can contact Tanya via email if you need further questions answered.

  • Is it really possible to learn about this type of subject online?
  • Absolutely! You'll find that each of the videos provide a very clear explanation of each topic allowing you to both understand the underpinning principles but also apply what you learn in practice too.

  • What if I don't complete the course in one session?
  • No problem you can revisit the course as many times as you like in your own pace.

  • How long does the course take to complete?
  • You should allow X hours to complete it.

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