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Align Somatics Trainings and Teacher Program

Align Somatics has designed a brand new 200-Hour Teacher Training Program based on 20 years of teaching experience to take you to the next level. Educate your students to find real answers to movement problems and unlock their movement potential. 

By listening to hundreds of past students and understanding their needs to become effective somatic teachers we developed a unique teaching training to enhance their business and empower their clients to move without pain and reach their movement potential. We created a bespoke teacher training from these components. 

Align Somatics Teacher Training Program is based on empowerment and education. Our focus is to help you understand your body better and upgrade your physical awareness so you can educate your students to take back control of tension, eliminate their pain and recover their movement potential. This unique position creates real teachers, offering embodied solutions for their clients.

Why become an
Align Somatic Teach

Professional Education

  • Start with - FSME
  • Teacher Training Level 1
  • Teacher Training Level 2
  • Teacher Training Level 3 to Certify

Expand your Business

  • Gain an Additional Revenue Stream
  • Teach Somatic Workshops
  • Empower Your Clients
  • Go Beyond a One-on-One Model

Complementary Practice

  • Exclusive Access to Continuing Education
  • Instructor-only Materials
  • Instructor Support
  • Collaboration Opportunities

Membership Access

  • Exclusive Access to Continuing Education
  • Instructor-only Materials
  • Instructor Support
  • Collaboration Opportunities

Marketing Support

  • Get Marketing and Promotional Advise
  • Personalised your Listing on our website
  • Business Development Advise and Assistance

Somatics Trainings and 200-Hour Certified Teacher Program that will Boost your Skills and Differentiate your Business


Fundamentals of Somatics
Movement Education

1 Day Training 

A one day introduction to the principals of somatic movement education. Open to anyone interested in releasing tension, improving posture, movement and reducing the physical impact of stress. If you or your clients suffer from ongoing muscular tension, this course is for you! Learn why this method (Hanna Somatics) is…

Modality:  Presential




Align Somatics
Teacher Training 1

4 Days Training 

ASTT1 is the first level of Align Somatics Professional 200-Hour Teacher Training Certification. It is the starting point to empower you, your students and clients in this transformational movement method. Whether your goal is to teach somatic movement classes or combine it with your current teaching style, this professional training…

Modality:  Presential




Align Somatics Teacher Training 2

4 Days Training 

ASTT2 is the second level of the Professional 200-Hour Teacher Training Certification. This course is designed for students who intend to teach pure somatic classes and workshops. To enhance and further develop your somatic knowledge of the method, techniques, philosophy and history of somatic movement. The emphasis of this training…

Modality:  Presential




Align Somatics Teacher Training 3

4 Days Training 

ASTT3 is the third and final module of the Professional 200-Hour Teacher Training Certification. This level is designed to educate you to work with private clients. To hone your somatic knowledge to develop trusting relationships and provide self-care solutions that will empower every one of your clients. To give you the…

Modality:  Presential


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