FSME - Fundamentals of Somatics Movement Education

A one day introduction to the principals of somatic movement education. Open to anyone interested in releasing tension, improving posture, movement and reducing the physical impact of stress. If you or your clients suffer from ongoing muscular tension, this course is for you!

Learn why this method (Hanna Somatics) is so successful in deleting muscular pain and tension. Why the brain creates habits resulting in compensatory patterns in the body. Experience techniques only used in Hanna Somatics, which restores ease and fluidity in movement. Explore key movements designed to rebalance your movement from head to toe.

Course Overview 

  • Discover how ongoing stress and injury creates signature postural patterns.
  • Understand what causes persistent muscular tension.
  •  Experience somatic movements designed to dissolve muscular tension and rehab your functional movement.
  •  Learn about Dr.Thomas Hanna, the creator of Hanna Somatics.
  •  This course is a prerequisite to the SMEC 1 Training.

Embody Educate Empower

Modality:  Presential



Each participant will learn Movement Sequences by applying these principals and skills of Somatic Movement. You learn how to use these skills to safely release muscular tension in your body, how to gain greater internal control in movement, as a skill to aid in recovery, as a preventive tool and how to optimise exercise and physical performance. 

Included in the training are instructional MP3 and detailed notes to assist in learning these sequences.


The participant will learn how to apply this awareness, language, and movement in designing and implementing a basic Somatic Movement class. You will learn the theory Somatic Movement Education, the difference between stretching and “pandiculation”. How “Sensory Motor Amnesia” affects individuals with muscular pain and imbalances contributing to recurring injuries. How to analyse and understand stress reflexes in the body.


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 FSME Training

Fundamentals of Somatic Movement Education

A one day comprehensive introduction to the principals, techniques and a targeted somatic movement practice to release muscular imbalances.


Student Testimonials

"This soma journey is another fundamental step in my development, but one I feel will help to fill in the gaps, learning how, when we reconnect to the body as a whole, it opens up so many possibilities of better functioning. Yet this is the bit we all find so hard! Not everyone wants to feel and many choose to live with this disconnect, but in freeing oneself in this attentive and nurturing way is transformative."

Nicola Walter

Yoga Teacher

Nicola Walter

Yoga Teacher

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