Four courses offered:

  1. The Fundamentals of Somatic Movement
  2. Somatic Exercise Coach Training Level One
  3. Somatic Exercise Coach Training Level Two
  4. Somatic Exercise Coach Training Level Three – coming soon!

1) The Fundamentals of Somatic Movement


This 1 day course is for physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports therapists, yoga, pilates instructors, dancers and athletes, with an interest in advancing their knowledge in how to release muscular tension, end chronic pain and optimise performance.

The focus will be on:

  • The skills in building a Somatic Movement practice
  • The principals and techniques in teaching a basic Somatic
  • Movement class
  • Basic Somatic class
  • The language of Somatics
  • The basic science behind neuromuscular movement


Each participant will learn Movement Sequences applying the principals and skills of Somatic Movement. You learn how to use these skills to safely release muscular tension in your body, how to gain greater internal control in movement, as a skill to aid in recovery, as a preventive tool and how to optimise exercise and physical performance.
An instructional MP3 is included to assist in learning this sequence.


The participant will learn how apply this awareness, language, and movement in designing and implementing a basic Somatic Movement class. You will learn the theory Somatic Movement Education, the difference between stretching and “pandiculation”. How “Sensory Motor Amnesia” affects individuals with chronic pain and recurring injuries. How to analyse and understand stress reflexes in the body.

Dates: 2018

February 24th or  May 13th  – Only Connect 32 Cubitt Street London WC1X 0LR

NOTE: This course is a prerequisite to the SMEC level 1
Tuition Fee: £97. Early bird special £85 available till one month in advance:
Booking: Contact Tanya Fitzpatrick.
M: +44 (0) 7427-623-523

Payment  (scroll down to select early bird or full price option)

Cancellation Policy:

Full refund is given if cancelling up to one month before the training start date. £10 cancellation fee if cancelling two weeks before the training start date. One week before is non refundable.

2) Somatic Exercise Coach Training Level One


Align Somatics presents a brand new training in Somatic Movement. Somatic Movement Education is a profound method of movement that eliminates unconscious muscular contraction, allowing painful muscles to fully relax. The movements target chronically contracted muscles that have learnt to remain tight due to repetition, accidents, injuries or repetitive stress. This extended 4-day course offers you training in the principals, theory, and techniques of Hanna Somatics. The main focus will be on learning a series of movements, which address the three primary stress responses that affect the muscles of the back, front and side body. How to incorporate these movements into current practices to effectively help your clients sustainably eliminate muscular pain

The training is offered over 2 weekends.

  • How to use Somatic Movement Education to regain control & restore optimum function to muscles in your own body
  • Apply the learnt techniques to how you move and how you can release the physical stress you accumulate daily
  • Learn the language and felt sense required to teach movement classes
  • Empower yourself and take back control of your body and insure yourself against injury and physical tension
  • Revolutionise the way you teach, getting you more clients and greater client retention

Refining functional movement for personal and small group training:

  • How recognise and confidently assess the three full body stress reflexes in your clients and how to apply the correct somatic exercise for them
  • Understand the importance of Sensory Motor Amnesia and it’s relationship to muscular pain
  • Each skill set is broken down into their anatomical components and how each of these groups move together to produce effective and smooth movement
  • The classes are broken down in three groups: Re-patterning the muscles of the Back, Neck & Shoulders, and Hips & Legs
  • Learn a full movement class for each of these groups to take control of unconscious contraction that will significantly reduced muscular pain
  • Understand the basic Anatomy & Neurophysiology of each group
  • Overcome any fears about teaching somatics and gain confidence by work shopping how each movement occurs in the specific group
  • How to effectively structure and teach a Somatic Movement classes

Learn and Apply Cutting Edge Marketing Skills

  • Identify three criteria for your niche selection which means you’ll select the perfect niche for you to fill your classes
  • Learn how to craft a specific somatic class for your clients needs
  • Apply a tried and tested marketing model for selling somatic movement

Each participant will receive a manual, sample programmes to create a variety of classes, the language & teaching notes of somatic movement within a class.

Benefits to you and your clients:

  • Set yourself apart from other teachers & have clients becoming your fan base
  • Give your clients sustainable answers to the most common problem areas of muscular pain and tension
  • Teach them how to improve muscle function and control
  • Be able to assess basic imbalances in your clients in order to help them prevent compensation and incorrect recruitment of muscles
  • Gain additional sound preparation moves for your clients before they work out
  • Teach your clients simple, life long tools for dealing with daily stress.

Dates: 2018

June 8th-11th 4 days training   
Location: Only Connect 32 Cubitt Street London WC1X 0LR

Class hours run from 9:30am – 5.30pm 


£590 for the 4-day training
Early bird £540: One month before:
Payment is accepted via credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or cheque.
An installment payment scheme is also available of 3 payments of £230.
A deposit of £100 must be paid to secure your place. All fees must be paid in full 3 weeks before the course commences.
NOTE: The fundamentals training is a prerequisite to attend this training.


Cancellation Policy:

Full refund is given if cancelling up to one month before the training start date. £100 cancellation fee if cancelling two weeks before the training start date.

This course is open to:

Medical professionals, movement teachers, (yoga, pilates, movement educators, fitness trainers, physical therapists, dancers) professional body workers


  • Each student is required to have read the book, Somatics, Reawaking the Mind’s control of Movement, Flexibility and Health by Thomas Hanna, PhD
  • Each student is to familiarise with the movement from the daily cat stretch
  • One movement class will be assessed in order to receive your certificate
  • 3 postural assessments to be identified and analised
  • A class plan to be submitted

“A brilliant course delivered with a passion and confidence that inspires me to not only continue to experience this work for myself, but also to share it with others.”
Sian Wintle, SMEC Level 1 student 2016

“Tanya has taught with such passion and expertise that I feel privileged to have been a part of the course. It has changed how I will teach my clients and given me the opportunity to awaken the SMA in my own body.”
Sharon Pennifer, SMEC Level 1 student 2016

2) SMEC Level 2: 3 Day Training


This course is designed to further develop the movement skills you have learnt in Level 1.
New movement sequences to dismantle breathing patterns resulting from stress.
Understand methods to address sensory motor amensia in the Hip, the S.I joint and legs to improve gait and coordination.
To introduce the art of assisted pandiculation and hands on guided movement.
To attain certification, students will be required to present a short class on their new teaching skills.

Day 1: Movement Training

To learn and explore new variations of movements from SMEC1:

  • The Muscles of the Back: Changing movement angles to target SMA in key muscular regions
  • Upper limbs: Integrating movements to further enhance the upper body the dissolving of the upper body holding patterns
  • Lower Limbs: Additional variations to enhance the melt
  • Platform: Lead class and partner exploration.

Day 2: New Movement Training

  1. Releasing the Diaphragm (breathing module).
  2. Walking from the Centre. Identify and Navigate blockages created by SMA to re-educate the body to a seamless gait.
  • A Breathing protocol to dismantle habituated patterns influencing the fight, flight and freeze responses.
  • Walking from the centre. Identify and Navigate blockages created by SMA to re-educate the body to create a seamless gait.
  • Lead class and partner exploration

Day 3: Hands on Techniques and Teaching Skills

Learning techniques utilised during 1:1 session. Teaching practicum.

  • Means whereby & the art of Pandiculation
  • Teaching skills in structuring classes & workshops
  • Teaching practicum for certification

Dates: 2018

June 16th-18th 3 days training 
Location: Only Connect 32 Cubitt Street London WC1X 0LR