Within 5 sessions I have removed virtually all pain and have a range of movement that I though would be impossible.

Ian Scott, Academic and consultant

Somatics is the subtlest, deepest, most integrated body therapy I have experienced.

Peter Labanyi, Psychotherapist

After just a few short classes, my early morning lower-back pain became a thing of the past.

Ian McGlynn, Radio Production Co-ordinator

It’s great to have a technique to relieve pain that doesn’t involve taking a pill”.

Lorraine Webster

I feel for the first time that someone has actually talked to my scoliosis.

Jessie Collins, Journalist

Somatics is a very straight forward way to look at the issue of getting the proper body parts to the tasks they are designed for.

Andrew Pilaro, Chairman, CAP Advisers

Now when I tighten up I am aware of the feeling and can release it myself. I know somatic movement works

Carie Scharfenberg, Book Keeper

Tanya changed my world!!!! She started me on a programme of exercises which i diligently do twice a day. The only fact I can tell you is they work!!

Mary Bermingham

Somatics has taught me how to switch my body off. I now know how, before, during and after competition I can take a few minutes to put my body back in balance and out of pain.

Orla Hendron, World Masters Track Championship

Align somatics was the only therapy that gave me a realistic answer to my back pain.

Borja Guillot, Art Director

After years of having neck and back pain, I now feel confident that when I am in discomfort, if I do the exercises I will feel much better. I can take care of it myself.

Dr. Veronique Coleman

Somatics is life changing. I recommend it highly – it is truly amazing. After four sessions, my back was no longer my problem – instead it became like a long lost friend.

Teresa Hynes, Co Kildare

“Tanya followed up each session with a set of easy and concise exercises which have now become part of my daily routine. I am now leading a healthy, pain free and active life.”

Ian Vard

“If you work over a desk all day and suffer with shoulder and neck pain this is a must for you. Your muscles will love you for it. Goodbye chiropractors!”

Julie Griffin

The exercise improved my hands straight away and a session of Tanya’s massage and manipulation enabled me to walk with ease again and all those painful aches are long gone. Hurray!!

Val Watson, Life Coach

My flexibility is dramatically improved and my stride is much freer. I stand, walk and move differently now. Even my clothes fit and hang on me better.. It is amazing what you can notice when you know what is right.

Clodagh Byrne