Great sports performance depends on ease of mobility. Joint restrictions and dysfunction and motor control problems increase muscle tension. Tense muscles lead to inefficient movement, which is tiring and compromises natural ability.

Tense muscles come about as a result of a brain mechanism called Sensory Muscle Amnesia (SMA). This is when the brain literally forgets how to relax muscles. Somatic Movement uses a simple process of Pandiculation to re-train the brain to relax the muscles back to their natural state. Pandiculation is a simple process of conscious, focused lengthening of muscles followed by slow relaxation.

For those involved in sport, this return of natural movement enables the body to realise its full potential. It optimises body condition prior to performance. It facilitates rapid recovery post-performance. It removes the risk of self-induced injury, and it facilitates self-managed treatment of injury caused by others.

Initial consultation
(90 minutes)

  • Discussion of your medical history
  • Detailed assessment of your posture, positioning, gait and respiratory efficiency
  • Full hands-on movement session to identify areas of muscular tension
  • Isolation of problematic movement patterns
  • Creation of a tailored package of home-based exercises (5-10 minutes daily)
  • You will be provided with a free audio CD to assist your exercises. A DVD is also available.

Subsequent consultation
(60 minutes)

  • Full hands-on movement session to assess improvement
  • Review of progress on home-based somatic exercises
  • Development of additional home-based somatic exercises to advance treatment
  • We advise that you watch the videos to gain an understanding of what the programme involves, and read the testimonials section for information on clients’ experience of somatics curative qualities.