Whether you are suffering from back pain, stress, or a sports related injury, the basic programme is the same. An initial 75-minute assessment, plus between three and six review sessions are all that is required to resolve most problems barring scoliosis and extreme trauma.Somatic exercises are simple movement patterns. You will learn how to consciously tighten affected muscles to focus the brain into the tension that’s already present. You will then learn to slowly, actively lengthen those muscles into a state of complete relaxation. This resets the muscle length. The process is controlled by you, and your brain re-learns muscular movement to correct damaging movement patterns.

Initial Consultation
(75 minutes, £115)

  • Discussion of your medical history.
  • Detailed assessment of your posture and gait
  • Full hands-on movement session to identify areas of muscular tension
  • Isolation of problematic movement patterns
  • Creation of a tailored package of home-based exercises (10 minutes daily)

Subsequent consultations
(60 minutes £100)

  • Full hands-on movement session to assess improvement
  • Review of progress on home-based somatic exercises
  • Development of additional home-based somatic exercises to advance treatment
  • We advise that you watch the videos to gain an understanding of what the programme involves, and read the case notes section for information on clients’ experience of somatics curative qualities.