Freedom From Back Pain DVD (Currently out of stock)

A complete program, which includes over 50 minutes of specialised routines for entire Back from head to tail, plus Relaxation routines. There are suggested 5,10 and 15 minute routines. Each routine is designed to hone in and release the held tension in the specific muscles of the target area. Learn how to release painful lower backs and create greater balanced core support. Providing you with a body that is relaxed and ready to move the way you want to move.

Price: £19.97 postage & package included within Europe.

Freedom from Hip & Leg Pain DVD (Currently out of stock)

Movement routines that are integral for athletes at all levels. The focus is releasing, lengthening and balancing the back, hips, core, and hamstrings. These routines guide you in how to release and relax tight and painful muscles. Training you in how to avoid muscular overuse, which contributes to muscle imbalance, over use, inflexibility, and recurring injuries. A daily practice will help you retrain your body to become pain free. Take back control and live the life you want to live.

Price: £19.97 postage & package included within Europe.

Freedom from Neck & Shoulder Pain DVD (Currently out of stock)

Overcome neck and shoulder pain from sitting at a computer, driving or bad posture. These specialised routines will help you relax the muscles that connect the neck to the shoulders and back. Relax tight neck and shoulder muscles. Restore balance and relaxation to your entire torso. Improve posture and combat computer slump.

Price: £19.97 postage & package included with Europe.