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Deleting Muscular Tension with Somatic Movement. The missing link in movement

For people who suffer from muscular pain, tension and the physical effects of stress, Somatic movement is your answer. Somatic movement is a unique brain to muscle re-education. Through movement, the method provides a easy and safe way to relax tight muscles, improve posture and greatly enhance how your daily movements.
Features of this course:

  • Identify exactly where you hold muscular tension
  • Release this tension from the major muscles of the body
  • Recover from injury
  • Reduce held tension caused by stress
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Improve your awareness in how to move with control and greater co-ordination

Key Information:

Entry to the class is by pre-screening only.

Contact Tanya Fitzpatrick

E: tanya@alignsomatics M: 07427 623 523

6-Week Course; Learn how to let go of tension for good

Dates: TBC
Time: 6.15-7.15pm
Cost: £90
Full course attendance is required as this is limited to 6 people.
Venue: Central London
For more information and  booking:

“Classes with Tanya are just fabulous. Not only does my body feel much better, relaxed, aligned, but I have learned how to manage my body every day and make sure the tensions go away as the stress of daily life comes. I understand better the mechanisms of my own body and feel so much better within myself. At last a durable solution to chronic pains (that resulted from multiple injuries and accidents).”  Lydie 

Workshops  Somatic Yoga

Explore a way of re-educating and enriching the way we sense and move our body. The focus will be on developing our ability to release tension from the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders, hips and legs. You will gain greater internal control increasing your ability to move your body with effortless effort. These trainings are an opportunity to bring depth to your experience of the internal workings of your body and how to share this with students and clients.

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify habitual patterns of muscular tightening in order to self-correct
  • Learn advanced movement techniques to release individual muscles and groups of muscles
  • Restore muscle function and greatly improve internal awareness
  • Improve mobility, strength and posture
  • Identify compensatory tension patterns in your students
  • Apply these skills and techniques to your yoga practice and teaching

Releasing the Back Muscles– Re-educate your back muscles and learn how to let go of muscular tension from head to tail. Ongoing stress, repetitive movements, and habituation all lead to restrictive holding in the back muscles. Learn how to free this through slow and gentle movements to keep your back muscles fluid and functioning. Explore how your back can bend the way you want it to.

Releasing the Neck and Shoulder Muscles – Experience the connection between the neck and shoulders and the entire spine as you learn to relax muscles that contribute to tension and pain, slumped posture, rigid shoulders and interferes with our ability to practice yoga with the ease. Enrich your arm balances with responsive muscular action.

Releasing the Hip and Leg Muscles – Learn how to release tension that accumulates from sitting, repetitive movements and postural misalignment. Tightness in the centre of the body places pressure on the hips and knees and ankles leading to joint pain in flexibility and re-occurring injuries. Explore how to integrate the upper body with the hips, legs, knees, and feet for more balanced forward movement and improved stability in standing postures.