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Deleting Muscular Tension with Somatic Movement. The missing link in movement

For people who suffer from muscular pain, tension and the physical effects of stress, Somatic movement is your answer. Somatic movement is a unique brain to muscle re-education. Through movement, the method provides a easy and safe way to relax tight muscles, improve posture and greatly enhance how your daily movements.
Features of this course:

  • Identify exactly where you hold muscular tension
  • Release this tension from the major muscles of the body
  • Recover from injury
  • Reduce held tension caused by stress
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Improve your awareness in how to move with control and greater co-ordination

Key Information:

Entry to the class is by pre-screening only.

Contact Tanya Fitzpatrick

E: tanya@alignsomatics M: 07427 623 523

6-Week Course; Learn how to let go of tension for good

Dates: Starting Tuesday September 12th ending October 17th 
Time: 6.15-7.15pm
Cost: £15 per class
Full course attendance is required.
Venue: Only Connect, 32 Cubitt Street, London WC1X 0LR
For more information and  booking:

“Classes with Tanya are just fabulous. Not only does my body feel much better, relaxed, aligned, but I have learned how to manage my body every day and make sure the tensions go away as the stress of daily life comes. I understand better the mechanisms of my own body and feel so much better within myself. At last a durable solution to chronic pains (that resulted from multiple injuries and accidents).”  Lydie 

Melting Muscular Tension with Tanya Fitzpatrick and James Knight

This September don’t miss this chance to work with the two leading lights of Somatic yoga! The dynamic duo, Tanya and James are combining their unique somatic skills to show you how to transform areas in your body where stress and tension get stuck. Join us for this full day of somatic yoga, where we will teach you somatic flow which will reset your brain to muscle communication. You will leave with a movement menu for better flexibility, renewed energy, and sustained feelings of peace and well-being. 

Is this you?

Sitting perched over a keyboard for hours on end?
Overly busy, tired and stressed?
Suffering from injuries that hinder your movement practice or favourite sport?
Imbalances in your posture from repetitive tasks? 
When stress becomes the normal.
The whole body stays tight and sore when reactions to stress become a habit. They create a domino effect throughout your body. Sitting for long periods of time and stress are two of the main culprits in creating imbalances. When repeated daily the brain learns that these are the norm. For example, sitting in a slouched position with your head tilted forward while working on your laptop creates ongoing neck, shoulder, and lower back tension.

Ready to make a change in your Body and Mind?
Take time for yourself and join us to explore……
  • How to assess muscular imbalances and delate them with somatic solutions
  • Restorative mediations to rebalance the mind and body
  • Movements to release lower and upper back pain
  • Sequences for neck and shoulder stiffness
  • How to heal hip and knee strain

Tanya Fitzpatrick draws on a varied background of bodywork and has been teaching movement since 1999. She is a certified as a Somatic Movement Educator, an advanced yoga teacher trainer, and a Body-Mind Centering Professional. 
 She has trained hundreds of individuals and groups how to move without pain and is regarded as one of Ireland’s leading Movement Educators. Tanya is based out of London, and her experience in coaching cutting edge movement education empowers her clients to move in ways they never thought possible.   Visit her website:

James Knight has been a Yoga Teacher, Certified Hanna Somatic Educator, and Integrative Therapist for over 25 years.
 With his combined experience as an intuitive bodyworker, psychotherapist, and movement educator James found a way to combine the most progressive life enhancing techniques into a seamless flow of breath and mindful movement.
 He is based out of San Diego, California, however he spends most of his time travelling worldwide facilitating teacher training certifications, workshops, and spiritual yoga retreats. His passion is to inspire others into the path of self-mastery.  
Visit his website:

Date: September 9th 2107
Venue: 32 Cubitt St, London WC1X 0LR, UK
Time: 10am – 5pm
Cost: £95